Leverage on Shopify E-commerce Website builder to boost sales

The whole purpose of an e-commerce site, especially an online store, is to sell, sell, sell! So if your site does not inspire confidence whether aesthetically or through payment options or loading times, your online selling experience can be very disappointing.

This is why the need of getting your website right from the jump cannot be overstated. It directly impact on your sales down the line.  An e-commerce website builder such as Shopify positions you for success right from the time you launch your e-commerce website.

This is because Shopify is all rounded and ensures all the crucial elements in the online landscape work to your favor. You can expect:

  • Low-cost website building because you can do it yourself
  • Access to free themes as well as paid premium themes that are affordable
  • Professional look for your website
  • Reliable loading speed for your site
  • 99.98 percent uptime
  • Numerous reliable, secure payment gateways

Mobile Responsive website

Mobile responsiveness of your website in today’s online market space will either break your business or make it. Sixty-four percent of Shopify’s e-commerce sales were accounted for by mobile transactions during 2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday alone.

Although you are likely to experience marketing and sales challenges, you can overcome them if you fundamentally built your website on the right e-commerce platform.

Selling Success in the long run

With Shopify, you are destined for success in the long term despite bumps you might encounter as you try to grow your business.

Over and above the fact that a professional website powered by Shopify inspires consumer confidence, you are assured that as online e-commerce technology constantly changes your e-commerce site and business remain unaffected because Shopify takes care of updating their technology to the most recent standards.

Stellar Image editor

Shopify understands that images sell products. Shopify image editor allows you to access pictures, crop, and resize in addition to adding filters to images. Shopify also provides you with free stock generic images that you may find helpful in creating banners and using as backgrounds on your site.

Abandoned Cart

This is an innovative tool by Shopify which enables you to send an email to any shopper who loaded a cart but did not check out and provided personal details. The email you send includes the link to the abandoned shopper’s cart. This serves as a personalized reminder to the shopper giving them another chance to finish their shopping. It is a recovery tool that increases the likelihood of closing every sale.


Sales are affected by the quality of your e-commerce site, load speeds, maintenance, uptimes, and a professional look. The Shopify e-commerce web builder ensures you do not have to worry about any of these issues and you can focus on marketing and selling. It is the most well-rounded e-commerce web builder that delivers on the sales you are looking for.

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