Do Shopify and Shopify Plus Share the Same E-commerce Website Building Platform

After checking out what is in the market for e-commerce website building platform you have probably concluded that Shopify is the best for your needs.

Since the launch of Shopify plus, you might be confused as to whether Shopify and Shopify plus are the same. And if not what are the differences? This is a fair question to ask when seeking to build your e-commerce website using Shopify.

Shopify Vs Shopify Plus

In respect to e-commerce website building platform, this two are the same. There is, however, a stark difference when you look at the capabilities of the two plans.

Similarities between Shopify and Shopify Plus

To better understand the two, we take a look at the features they share:

  • Same dashboard
  • Same editor
  • Same help center for online support
  • Both have provided access to over 60 plus themes
  • Both have brilliant inventory systems

Difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus

Shopify is used by everyday entrepreneurs and is excellent for startups as you learn the ropes. It offers a free 14 day trial period that allows you to give it a test run and see if it’s the proper fit for your business.

Editing is done from Shopify’s editor that allows you to add products, determine where to display them and divide into category pages.

Shopify Plus, on the other hand, is designed for flagship retailers as is the case with Budweiser and Red Bull. Or in simple terms, it is for enterprise-level businesses.

In-depth customization

Editing is also through Shopify’s editor. The only difference is that you can edit on a whole new level with Shopify Plus using Shopify’s theme language called Liquid. So if you have a little coding experience, you will find it helpful. If you can’t code, you will find plenty of guides available to help you out. Liquid allows you to write code that alters theme appearances for more in-depth customization and control.

Most entrepreneurs who are opting to switch to Shopify Plus are very likely to have a website already. In case your existing site is built from another e-commerce platform other than Shopify, Shopify Plus will provide you with your dedicated launch manager.

Dedicated launch manager

The launch manager will write the necessary codes using Liquid to ensure your site is running on Shopify custom theme and fully integrate your website to Shopify Plus. Shopify plus is very robust and can handle massive volume inventory processing up to 10,000 transactions per minute without a hitch.


With Shopify, you cannot edit the check out page whereas Shopify Plus allows you to customize the check out page. This goes to show the versatility and scalability of the Shopify e-commerce website building platform.